Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chalkboard Dork (& Sign)

Went this weekend to look for a little fall decor for the front door. We are still unpacking/fixing/settling into the new house and unfortunately decorating is low on the list. Boo. But I insisted I needed a little something to celebrate the season. (I'm a sucker for holidays - they MUST BE CELEBRATED TO THE MAX.) I had a cute sign I got at the dollar store for summer, so thought I could find something similar for fall.

But everything at the craft store was like $20+ and as much as I wanted to spend a fortune on fake leaves, berries, and pumpkins bedazzling the shist outta my front door, I'm a cheapskate. Thus the aforementioned dollar store sign ;)

As I was meandering the aisles with Hubby & Allie Banana, I saw it.....they make things called CHALK PENS.

(Air-head confession time (I'm going to blame this on mommybrain/sleep deprivation):
So I kept seeing all these awesome pins on pinterest about chalkboards this and chalkpaint that and I kept thinking, " looks super cute BUT who the frick is going to want to deal with all that chalk dust everywhere in their house! Plus I hate the feeling of chalk on my fingers and the scritchy sound it makes when writing!" So yeah. DUH. What a dork! ha ha)

With a million chalkboard idea pins flashing through my head, I grabbed the pen and was scanning the aisles: WHAT CAN I WRITE ON?!

And I found a nice little chalkboard sign for $8. Score!

Not too crazy about the rope, but grabbed some ribbon and figured I'll replace it (going to do a sign each season! Or each special occasion in the month!).

Last night finally got Banana to sleep and I got to draw on my chalkboard. Of course I spent way too much time asking hubby what should I write (a halloween poem? something about fall? a pun?) before settling on......wait for.......Happy Halloween. ha ha.

The first attempt looked super messy and I wasn't happy with my writing, so I wiped it with a damp paper towel and tried again. (LOVE chalkpens!)

Not perfect (wouldn't it look cute with some more garnishes? better font?), but seeing as my mantra for the month is "life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful" I called it done and pretty cute. (And I got more ideas about what I could use chalk pens for, so of course every color they make is now on my Christmas wishlist!)

I can't wait for November.....oooh what to write!

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