Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Happy Joy Joy & Capturing It

I'm just loving November so far, even though the weather is getting pretty miserable. Its dark when I leave for work and dark when I come which is rough. But I'm finding lots to be thankful for every day - even silly things - and it seems to be lifting my spirits all the time and I'm shaking off the stress and frustrations that might tend to get me bogged down.

This week I've been very thankful for my family - my mom and stepdad have been over helping us on a few projects - mostly stuff related from the move, how did we get so much junk? And why does it take so long to go through everything? Ugh! But we finally got our garage organized, baby stuff packed up that Allie has outgrown that we're saving for the next (hopefully), and a garbage disposal installed in our kitchen sink! YAY!

I've also been thankful for candy crush saga (I play it like crazy while pumping at work), pinterest to brain storm ideas for Allie's first birthday (what did I ever do before pinterest?!) and that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back on. (I'm guilty of liking that crap, I admit it)

I'm thankful for our cozy fireplace and wonderful kitties who are so good with our baby.

And I'm especially thankful for my little sweetie pie. Every minute of every day I can't believe how lucky I am to be a momma and to experience such wonder and joy and see her grow up. She started clapping her hands yesterday, so cute, and oh my how I wanted to cry like a super sap. Its just surreal to think that she's going to be one soon. I'm freaking out inside!
My Allie Banana is almost 10 months old!
Speaking of which, I still haven't  made up a monthly recap photo from her 8 and 9 month old photos - time is freaking flying by!  

My little munchkin and her two teefers!
Its so hard to find the balance between enjoying the moments of life, capturing those moments and then going back to organize and preserve the memories. I don't know how so many awesome mom bloggers do it - do they just never sleep? (Probably)
 A whole month went by where I didn't use my good camera and its mostly iphone shots. (I could kick myself for all those times were I was too busy/too tired to break out my good camera.) 
On top of that I started working on a mega "Year One" photo book and started trying to go through all the 2,000+ plus photos I have already. (Yes, you heard me. I have over 2,000 photos and she's not even one. Ridic.)
It feels like a hot mess. It is a hot mess. My photos are not organized or categorized really. They are just dumped into folders with the date I downloaded them. I'm trying to go through and calculate how many weeks old she is at each date and organize them and its just so much. So many to go through and cull. And its like a snowball, I'm only taking more and adding more to the mess. Eeeek. Super overwhelming. I shoulda just done what my mother & grandma taught me: do it right the first time. sigh.
So learn from my mistake - if you plan on doing a photo book, or a weekly series of photos, or you just are another crazy phototaking mom and you know you are going to take a bazillion, I would highly recommend organizing your photos in some sort of system as you download them off your camera. (Don't do my mistake: "I'm in a hurry, baby's gonna wake up, gotta get the CF card empty to go take pics, I'll organize these later". LATER sucks.) Whether its into folders "4 weeks, 5 weeks, 6 weeks, etc" or "3 months, 4 months" etc. - do it as you go. That's my hindsight advice ;) more forthcoming I'm sure....I always learn things the hard way. ha ha
Man I'm thankful that its Friday!

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