Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap

Allie's had a little bit of cradle cap that's been lingering for awhile, even though she has a fair amount of hair. We haven't really done much to address it, because it's never been really bad. You can't really notice it unless you are running your fingers through her hair examining her scalp. And then it looks sort of dandruff-y and like little flakes clinging to her scalp.

(For some reason our cat likes to lick her head where the cradle cap is....and you thought dogs were gross ;) )

But on Sunday, I was kissing the top of her head, noticing how much more hair she's grown and the more I rubbed her head, the more flakes appeared. And then the more I tried to get them out of her hair, the more popped up, and the more I wanted to pick at them. After a few minutes of feeling like a mother gorilla, I decided I should probably just make an actual effort to get rid of it and stop annoying her. When we had asked our doctor, he recommended using an oil. So using the ol' pinterest-brainwashed noggin I thought I'd try coconut oil.

And my brilliant* efforts worked awesome! (*Probably not that brilliant, cause you see coconut oil all over pinterest for being a super product so its nothing new. But I was totally impressed with how well it worked)

The little patch of cradle cap is GONE! (I'm wishing I would have taken before and afters - its amazing)

So how I got rid of her cradle cap (aka one more freakin reason we all need to invest in coconut oil):

1) First, I used a stiff bristle brush and I lightly brushed her scalp. I didn't use much pressure. (Test on your own forehead to get an idea for the amount of pressure to use).  I just used circular little scrub motions to kinda bring a lot of the flakes up. (If you are the sort of weirdo who likes picking the dead skin from sunburns *cough me and my whole family* you would be in hog heaven at this point to pick her hair. I resisted)

2) Then, I used about a grape sized amount of coconut oil and slathered it all over her hair. The coconut oil we have is super hard, I had to dig a little chunk out and let it soften in my hand first. Then I just rubbed it into her scalp. She was a nice little greased up Dapper Dan at this point.

3)  Then I washed her hair with some soap and warm water, using the same stiff brush to massage her scalp gently. (For some reason its impossible for me to wash her hair without singing "Gonna Wash that Man right out of my Hair". Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals are stuck indelibly in my brain). I had to wash her hair twice to get all the oil out.

4) Hair dry to get that cute fuzzy duckling look and give kisses since by now she was very done with having her head messed with and wanted to get back to playing.

And Behold! It was gone! And it was gone today. Her scalp was all moisturized, her hair all soft and clean. I'm so impressed!

Guess I'm officially on the HAZZAH COCONUT OIL bandwagon now.

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