Monday, December 30, 2013

A Merry and Bright Christmas

I can't believe Christmas came and went by so fast.

Our holidays kicked off with a bang! Lots of fun on Christmas eve with my dad's side of the family - food, games and movies. After our usual round of Christmas Vacation we decided to watch the movie Up after I found out my Dad, Aunt and Uncle hadn't seen it. ....bad decision. Everyone ended in tears.

My husband chided me "Why did you pick that?! Why do you like to make people cry?!"

"I thought it was a good and funny movie!"

"Yeah, one-third of it is funny, its two-thirds sad!"

I guess next year we'll stick with Team America World Police or Die Hard.

Gus relaxing before the Christmas eve chaos

Christmas morning we woke up bright and early courtesy of our little Banana Bean (hello 6:30 am).

She was excited to look in her stocking and see what Santa brought her. (A teddy bear and a little piano!)

We had so much fun watching her little face as we opened gifts. Sometimes she was more interested in the wrapping paper (like when she got clothes, ha ha), other times she was super excited for the gift (like the little push-n-ride car she got from Grandma that she is obsessed with now).

Christmas morning! A Teddy Bear in her stocking.
We had such a fun crazy day...but I was soooo bad about taking good photos. I was just too busy unwrapping and feeding people and nursing her and watching people unwrap gifts that getting any actual really nice posed photos fell by the wayside. (NEXT year I will make sure we get a yearly posed photo of her in front of the tree or something!) In some ways I guess its ok or a good thing....I'm trying to live more in the moment and not always be obsessed about capturing it via camera like I am usually so oh well.

What a great Christmas!

Her new favorite stuffie Dragon
More visit from friends and family over the days after, and then on Friday, we took her to the carousel at the mall in Redmond and she was beyond thrilled. Clapping and shrieking when she saw it and just so mesmerized when she was riding it. So much fun! And of course now, we'll have to make it a tradition. ("If I hear tradition one more time..." my hubby groans)

me and my teddy bear baby

So that was our busy week. I hope everyone out there had a wonderful and joyous holiday too!

Now its onwards to come up with goals and plans for a wonderful 2014!

But first, who wants to come over and help me take down my tree. UGH. (love putting them up, hate taking it down)


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