Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Decking the Halls: Giftbags to Wall Art

A fun busy weekend - lots of shopping, wrapping and some time for crafting! Yay!

Speaking of wrapping one of my dirty secrets...I get geeked out over really pretty wrapping paper and sometimes I buy pretty ones and want to save it all for ME. So bad...which is how I've had these two bags in my wrapping box since two Christmases ago.

The tree one looks almost like a pretty photo and its so glittery so of course I love it (its a Taylor Swift bag/design? Apparently that's a thing now?you get to design wrapping paper if you're a famous singer? I'm so out of the loop!). The Santa one is just so traditional and quaint - with its fair share of glitter for some eye candy, I just love it.  I intended to use them...but with each gift wrapping I kept NOT using the bags cause I wanted to save the for "something special".

While wrapping lots of gifts this weekend and seeing them laying there ("my precioussss"), I thought it was so stupid for me to be hoarding them instead of actually enjoying them.So I decided I'd try to use them as part of our Christmas decor! Part of the fun of the new house means we have a lot more walls and nooks to decorate so voila - more Christmasy stuff I can do!

I don't have many frames up yet, so I couldn't just swap existing pictures out. But lightbulb - I have lots of canvas, so hello! Decking the halls with my giftbags on canvas!

My mom came over and during one of Allies naps we got to crafting. We made a wreath first - she wanted something girly and unique so we got crazy with pink and purple. I loved it - what a fun wreath!

And then I got to working on the gift bags. They turned out to be pretty quick and easy! (Not to mention cheap! The giftbags were probably like $2 each, and I got the canvas on sale - around $5? I stock up on canvas frequently so I couldn't tell you the exact price *cough art supply hoarder cough*).
And now it makes me want to actually go shopping for giftbags to use specifically for this purpose for every holiday considering they're relatively cheap compared to buying art prints or even scrapbooking paper!  

Here's the details on how I made them if you're thinking of doing the same:
1. I lined up my canvas where I wanted the picture to be - being careful to avoid the holes in the bag from the handles - and then I traced it with a pencil. (Use the side of the bag that doesn't fold for the bottom. No creases that way) 
2. I used scissors to cut along the pencil lines and/or my little slide cutter (does this have an official name?). I had to trim it down a bit smaller than how I traced it so it laid more flush with the canvas edge.
3. I painted the entire canvas with modpodge.
4. I put the giftbag on slowly smoothed it out with my hand, then dabbed a little modpodge around any loose corners. Then laid it face down to apply more pressure. I let it sit for awhile with a heavy book on it so it would dry straight.
Ready to hang! I hung them up where I normally have the only two framed photos in our house (pics of Allie Banana of course).
I thought they turned out pretty cute!
Please excuse the crummy iphone photo of the "after". I'll try to get another in the daylight so you can see the finished edges.
I'm still mulling over some extra steps I might do:
1) Painting the actual picture with a glossy modpodge - this might give them more of a "finished" look and might protect them better over the years
2) Maybe put some text on each to add another layer.
3) Painting the edges of the canvas a color...or adding glitter?
So that's some of what I was up to this past weekend. Anybody else do any fun crafting? Or still decorating? (We laugh about how its the 12 Days of Decorating at our house)

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