Monday, December 23, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas (Eve)....

And I have more done than I thought. Most the shopping is done, pantry is stocked, presents are wrapped, house is fairly tidy, I'm officially off work for the week now....I'm ready to let the Christmas festivities begin.

Recap of my list -
Our Christmas to do's so far: *Get pictures with Santa. (Will she cry or smile? I'm betting on cry). DONE. She didn't cry - she was pretty mesmerized by all the mall chaos that she was pretty distracted. She was so darned cute. I can't get over how much more fun Christmas is now with a little one to see it through.

First visit with Ol Saint Nick

mesmerized by the lights

Waiting in line for Santa.

 *Get pictures of her at home in front of the tree in all her Christmasy outfits
only one round of photos so far in one of her many Christmas pjs but got some pretty cute ones with a little cat photo bombing of course.

Playing with ornaments (don't you love shatterproof balls?!) and getting a kiss from Gus-Gus

*Get christmas cards ordered, picked up and sent out (Costco? Shutterfly?) errrr...missed the window for this one now. I think this will have to be the year of no Christmas cards. FAIL.
We had our first round of snow last weekend (and call me a typical Seattlite) but I don't like to drive in it so I stayed home from work and enjoyed having a fun day with my peanut

Our Gingerbread House (excuse the iphone pic)
. As a result not many errands or much done, except for some photo time of course :)
First snow

  *Take her to look at Christmas lights somewhere (maybe Leavenworth? maybe a local neighborhood? She LOVES Christmas lights) to do still
 *Decorate some cookies together. Right now she will have the most fun just shaking the sprinkles, but its a tradition for me anyways. she was a huge help ;) ha ha. But we had fun
*Make a reusable advent calendar for next year - in progress... will post pics if it gets done ever ;)
*Watch Christmas Vacation a few more dozen times ;) - me & hubby, not her done and done!
*Making some Christmas crafts and presents together like this (she's a little young for her to enjoy crafting, it will be more for me and for "memory makers" :)) not yet...maybe tonight or Christmas eve

So that's the rest of the "to-do's" - I'm taking vacation all week (and a blog break) and going to enjoy some time with extended family, friends and my husband and little girl.

Wishing you and your family a very wonderful, happy and safe holidays!


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