Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Kick-Off

I can't believe its already June! GAH! Where is time going?!

We've had a lot going on.....Kevin changed his schedule and is working every weekend. Very hard because not only are we unable to tag-time any major projects around the house and property but we also don't get to do any family fun outings together (or have much hubby/wife time either). Boo. But the plus side is we were able to pull little Squidge out of daycare so we could save some money! And she gets more one-on-one Daddy time!

And luckily....there is light at the end of the tunnel and we'll be able to spend more time together. Because in October - I will be quitting my job to be a stay-at-home mom! And here's the best part of it (and the main reason why)......we are expecting baby #2!

Yup, we're going to be a family of four and we just found out its a boy! So excited for our family to grow and for Allie to have a little buddy! Totally shocked its a boy - here I have a whole closet full of hand me downs ;) but we're very excited.

Like my first pregnancy the first few months I was very nauseous the whole time and super exhausted - which made doing any house projects or anything fun besides being with Allie pretty hard. Thankfully, the seasick feeling has subsided pretty much and I'm feeling less tired.

Allie also self-weaned about a month ago which I think helped with a lot of my fatigue! And man was I not prepared for the amount of emotion her weaning would bring on - I felt so sad and just heartbroken to lose that special time together. Even though nursing was getting super painful in a way I had never experienced, I still wasn't quite ready. My little baby had grown up. Waaaaaaaah. So many hormones and emotions.

Now I'm all about crossing things off our list to try and get ready for another baby - and all the mess and toys and gear that come with it! - in our house, getting our property a little more cleaned up. (It's a looooong way from being the manicured little farm I want it to be. So far we've sold/taken a lot of junk out that was left on the side of the barn from the previous owners and already its looking better. But the list is still pretty long!)

I've been purging lots of our stuff, selling unwanted things (YAY!), doing a private art lesson here and there to earn extra money (which always makes me lament that I don't have much time to do any art really), and starting to get our third bedroom cleaned out to turn into a boy's room. Busy busy!

And of course still having time for fun with this little cutie!
16 months, hanging out in her mini camping chair
We are kicking off the summer with a vacation in June down the Oregon coast - we can't wait! A much needed vacation and Allie's first trip to the Beach. Camping again in July and then hopefully in August. I don't have many vacation days, and Kevin is saving them all so he can take time off when Baby Boy gets here, so we'll have to make the most of our few days together.
So that's what's been happening in our casa lately!