Monday, August 11, 2014

Oregon Coast

This summer is just sailing by...can't believe its already August. Due to our work schedules we haven't had much time to go on vacation - both of us are saving all our vacation/PTO days to use after baby #2 is here. Hubby is still working every weekend now and I'm feeling the burn out of never seeing my man (sad face) and the frustration of not having much time to chore/house project stuff done (things like weed whacking and overdue yard projects have piled up in the back burner). We've got a list a mile long and I'm in full blown nesting mode (only 8 weeks left til the little guy arrives!) and feeling the stress of getting everything done...but all I really want to do is lay around and lap up the sun while its still here and yes, I'm already reminiscing about our one vacation of the summer. (Yes finally getting around to posting photos!)

In June we took our new-to-us toy (a 15 year old Winnebago motor home! the Big W!) out for our first road trip and hit some of the beaches along the Oregon Coast.

It was so much fun seeing Allie's reaction to the sand and waves for the first time. She couldn't get enough of the water despite how freezing cold it was!

In typical us fashion we packed a little too many destinations into this trip - a good learning experience, next time we plan to go to less destinations and have more quality time at each place! Especially with a toddler in tow bouncing from a different town each night - naps got jacked up, a good nights sleep was harder to come by and her eating definitely got worse (already a daily struggle). So next time, less is more and quality over quantity.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip:

Our first stop - Cannon Beach, just in time for sunset.
One of my favorite pics - my two loves walking in the sunset <3
First time experiencing sand. She got it everywhere!  Loved seeing her delight and fascination at watching the sand slowly trickle out of her fingertips.

A stop at Tillamook (the fresh icecream there was so incredible!) and then we stayed in Newport to hit up the Oregon Coast Aquarium - an incredible aquarium!

We loved the underwater tunnels/exhibit at the Aquarium. Not to mention the otter exhibit! So impressed with the exhibits and the amount of space they give the animals compared to other aquariums we've been too.


Walking along the beach in Newport (near Yaquina Bay) at another sunset. Love our hiking backpack for adventures like this!

We found this little gem of a beach outside Coos Bay. A last minute change of plans had us arriving to the RV campgrounds late at night. When we woke up in the morning we were thrilled to see how close we were to the beach - and what a gorgeous beach it was. Definitely want to go back here! (Now if only I could remember what it was called!) That's Kevin running with Allie is his arms - and two little dogs running after them (their owner was walking them down the beach)

Allie and Kevin strolling along the beach. (Can you tell who the family photographer is? Got to get a little better about letting him/making him take pics)

She was ready to walk right into the waves and not come back. So much fun to see how excited she was....even though the water was cold and we had to pop her in a warm bath right after leaving the beach.

Wish we had more time to do another..... :) in the mean time back to the grind of projects going on at our house in our spare time:

*Clearing out our third bedroom which was our cluttery junky office to turn into the nursery
*Setting up the nursery and getting all the babies clothes washed and ready and the room decorated
*Moving the junky office downstairs into our dining room and figuring out a system that won't drive me crazy and will give me time to get artsy/crafty (finally!)
*Packing up Allie's clothes that don't fit her (so much for hand me downs this time around)
*Misc half-started projects around the house (like maybe time to finish painting the banister - its *only* been a year. cough.)

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